Estimated FTP for First Ramp?

I’m going to try my first Ramp test next week. Since I’m new to Trainer Road, I was given an estimated FTP of 86. I understand that to mean the average watts I can sustain for an hour. However, I usually hit 150-160 watts in my rides on my Kikr (ranging from an hour - 2 hours). Looking at the test profile, I don’t even know how I would be able to be at only 45 watts at the beginning… it just seems crazy low and that the test results will be meaningless. The highest I’m required to go is something like 136, which is not at all hard for me.
Can I/should I adjust the test? If so, how do I do that?
I looked and looked for this question elsewhere, so I’m sorry if this is redundant! Thanks!

If you’re holding 150-160 watts for over an hour that’s your starting point. Set your FTP at 160 and give it a go. The beauty of the ramp test is when you’re done you’re done!! No pacing knowledge required


Thank you so much! That’s what I needed to know!

Also, the test doesn’t ever stop until you do. You could have a 330FTP physiologically, set your starting FTP at 75 in TR, do the test, and it’ll just take a long time. You’d get a really long warmup and would waste a bunch of time, but the system will just keep ramping up. That said, for future ramps, having an accurate set point is good because then your tests will all have the same warmup interval.

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Ooh. That’s so good to know. My head is kind of spinning with how all the different apps operate! Thanks so much!

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Took your advice and read a lot of tips on the test. Just took it, setting my FTP manually at 160 and hit 170. Took longer than 20 minutes, so I wonder what would have happened it I had set it a bit higher, but at least I have starting place. Feels pretty puny but now I’m motivated to use the system. Thank God I didn’t leave it at my estimated FTP of 86 though… I would’ve been up there for hours! :joy:

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About 41 minutes. Still a long ramp test.