Ramp Test Questions

Hey guys, I’m new to TrainerRoad and just finished the Ramp test for my new plan. In the end it gave me an FTP of 200w which was my number from my road test in the spring. I did not push the effort as I wanted to due to an injury. However, I need help understanding how the test works. In step 15 below i had 267w of 272w and in step 16 i had 202w of 284w. This is where I gave up on the test. How did the system calculate 200w?


I accepeted the 200w suggested by the test. However, it does not show up on my FTP history. Any reason why?


Thank you for your help with my questions.

Have a read of this thread Ramp Test Tips & Tricks


Take a look at your Ramp test workout page. Under “Personal Records” move slider to 1 minute. It will be highlighted in workout graph at the top. This is used in FTP calculation, not the final minute.

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Thank you @FatherDamo2. That was a great read. Any input on my second question: why doesn’t it show up in my history?

Thank you @Papuass. I see how and where it is calculated.

Not sure… when did you take the test? Is it history yet? I don’t know when its updated. I’ve just looked now and I have two entries for my last test, think this is a import from Garmin or Zwift, so I just delete one of them. If it doesn’t appear within a few days of taking the test, drop the support team at TR an email. They give excellent support, one might even post here given enough time.

Sometimes the new FTP doesn’t show right away. I’m guessing it will before next workout.

I did a ramp test yesterday…my new ftp was used for the subsequent workout however it did not show up on my profile page…I checked again this morning and it still hadn’t updated so I changed it manually. Some sort of glitch possibly?

Send an email to support.