What to do at the end of build phase to incorporate a B race?

I am 4 weeks away from the end of build phase and that also culminates in a B race (Standard distance duathalon 10k run, 40k bike, 5k run), I plan to use the race as an assessment of bike fitness.

My question is what should I do post race, I race on Saturday and my speciality phase ramp test should be on the following Tuesday.

Should I;
a) play it by ear and see how I am on the Tuesday
b) Do an easy ride on the Tuesday and move the ramp to the Wednesday or Thursday
c) Just grin and bare it

I’ve done 2 ramp tests so far and neither have been particularly good, last time I raised my FTP by 12 manually and it worked out fine.

I have a similar thing coming up next week as just coming to end of final week of SSB2 which leads nicely into my first 25mile TT this weekend (B/C priority…meaning originally C but weather looking unexpectly good so decent chance of PB so taking it bit more seriously!!!). So hard race this Sunday then supposed to ramp test on Monday or Tuesday at start of build phase.

To be honest I will see how I feel. If feel decent then will do ramp test, if tired then I’ll do a recovery ride and estimate ftp based on how I feel workouts at end of SSB2 felt and average power in TT…but will be in aero position so not direct measure. My current ftp is 280w and I’d estimate new ftp is about 285w so if tired will set it to 285w and just so with it, knowing it won’t be far off and another ramp test in 4 weeks.

Depends how confident you are estimating ftp…to be honest, been long time since couldn’t predict ftp to 5-10w max so ramp test is more conformation than information.

I would say - no point doing ramp test tired - could impact training for few weeks if too low. I’d judge it based on how recent workouts felt and estimate if tired. Can always up or down workouts a bit if needed

I think if you’re racing Saturday you should be well rested for the Ramp test by Tuesday. Just pay attention to your hydration, nutrition, and recovery after the race and on Sunday + Monday. Of course, if you’re not feeling great when Tuesday rolls around, you can totally just do an easy ride and push the Ramp test out a day or two.

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