Should there be a ramp so close to a scheduled "B race" in my calendar?

Hey, I’m in a multisport training plan setup for a “B” race on the 31st of July and I’m seeing that there is a scheduled ramp test on the 26th. The race is a 70.3 and, to me, it would make more sense to do that ramp test now and then train at the likely higher ftp that I would score from that test. If I take the ramp test on the 26th and my FTP is increased, would I go into that race using 75-80% of my new FTP or should I use the FTP score that I have been training with right now?

I may be overthinking this one but I’ve just never had a ramp test so close to a race. Does anyone have any insights on this?

Don’t do a Ramp Test. Instead use AI FTP Detection. It should be a good representation of your FTP to base pacing strategies off of.


I would definitely not do the ramp or even use AI just a few days before. I’d do the AI detection and then stick with those zones until after your race.

My next ramp test is scheduled for the 20th and my next B race is on the 23rd, like said I’ll be making use of AI FTP to check if there has been a dramatic change in FTP but I’ll probably pace of the existing FTP number. I’ve also have a sweet spot session on the 21st and depending how things are going I might just overule TR and taper.

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I should clarify that the reason I would NOT do the detection right before the race is because my brain has a tendency to want to go harder than my training says I should in big events. If I saw an increase in my FTP, I know myself well enough to know that even if I left my zones at the prior levels, in the back of my mind I would constantly be telling myself I could afford to go a little harder, which for me personally, is a recipe for disaster

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Have you paced other events based on your TR FTP and if so how did it go? What distance is this race and what zone does your target %FTP for the event fall in? What’s your progression level for that corresponding zone?

In general I think estimation methods like ramp and others can provide very useful metrics to use to make your structured training effective, but I’ve never felt they produced a “true” FTP in the sense of a number that I could go out and ride for an hour. Years ago when I used to do lots of tri’s and TT’s I learned over time that I had to do longer tests, including times where I literally did 1 hour efforts if I wanted to have a number I felt I could actually pace off in a tri and still be able to nail the run.

I have not done a tri in years but I think progression levels addresses my previous issues. I would not attempt to confidently pace at a higher % of FTP unless I had a high progression level in that applicable zone. Personally I’d get the new FTP through either ramp or AI but be very mindful of the new levels since they usually decrease upon a higher FTP.

Let’s say you get new high FTP and your threshold drops from 7 to 5. This does not signal that you can go out and ride an hour at a high percentage of threshold.

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