C race at the end of recovery week, how to approach ramp test the week after

Tips and thoughts !
Im having a mtb xco C race event on a Sunday at the end of my recovery week, and then a planned Ramp test on Tuesday the week after. Then i have finished 1st block of SPB LVP.
Not gonna give it a full blow, but still the race will have me in some fatique.
Should i do the race, and maybe take one extra rest day before ramptest, for example do the test on Wednesday with one recovery day and one full rest day before, or just skip the race and maybe do some LSD instead.

The race is not important, but would be fun to do, since its one race every month.

My main goal is to come as fit as possible at my ramp test and mabye make my goal for 300w ftp, atm 291…

Don’t skip the race! Racing is fun. Is it possible to do the ramp test before the race? For instance sunday morning or even at saturday.

We’d all like to be fully rested for our ramp tests, but if not possible I think you can make a call on how the test went. How you feel, be honest, were you fatigued and maybe you had 5 more watts in there but had residual lead in your legs. The test isn’t axiomatic, don’t treat it as such.

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Ramp Test during recovery week :scream::scream: oh lord, how dare you.

Haha, just kidding. Why didnt i think of that. Ofc i can do that.

Feels better to race after Ramp Test then before…

Thanks for nice input