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I’m about to start my build phase next week but my training got alittle side track. I have been doing demo on the new house almost done at least. I’ve been waking up so sore and weak after the weekends. I have a ramp test coming up. Should I skip it and just start the build phase and increase power slightly if I find it to easy? Bc I feel like my numbers would be very low if I did a ramp test.

I’d say why not take the test and know you where you really are? Nobody likes to see lower numbers, but this way you would avoid losing precious workouts and time with and incorrect (or not optimal) ftp setting. If you regain fitness you can always adjust.


Home stress is still stress takes its Toll. So Just like Jonathan TR when he did a lot of Yard work, he ended up with a approx 20 watt drop in FTP. So do the test get the Number where you are and then come back in a few weeks with reduced stress, better recovery and ready for another test.

“Starting your build phase” is not a date that is set in stone.

Start your build phase (and the ramp test that starts it) when you feel ready. E.g. when you’re not waking up sore and weak. For now, maybe do an extra rest week and see if you think you can tackle build then.

If you’re using plan builder, push everything back and see what it suggests.

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