Testing at the end of specialty phase

when you guys schedule your training plans in your calender, do you put a ramp test at the end of it? i’m asking because i will do a bike leg of a triathlon relay team. i’ll be doing 40k tt specialty which finishes the day before the event. i was wondering if i should add a test earlier that week to have a bitter idea for my pacing.

I suspect if you pay attention to the longer interval FTP adjacent workouts in Weeks 6 & 7, you can likely guestimate the FTP by feel and how you perform in them.

You could surely add a Ramp Test, probably in Week 7 and drop one workout. Keep in mind the general differences that exist for may where an inside Ramp Test is sometimes (often/usually?) lower than your outside value.

As such, realize that even if you test, it may not be the “perfect” number for pacing. So look at the big picture no matter how you roll (test or not).

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