What happens if you finish all ramps of the ramp test?

I am doing my first ramp test and do not know my ftp. If I set it too low and finish all of the ramps what happens? Does it just keep going till I fail or do I just have to retake with a higher ftp?

  • Yes. It will automatically add steps each minute, 6% more power based on the starting FTP, until you stop pedaling and hit the “Pause” button.

Depending on your on-boarding experience, TR used to apply a default of 2.0 watts/kg based on your entered weight. Not sure if that is still the case, or if you did a different process? But that could be a safe estimate, unless you have better info to estimate.

Generally speaking, I think having it set too low is better than too high for your first Ramp test.

This is worth a look too:


Okay sounds good! Yeah I think that’s about what it did, it put like 2 post-up fails as my FTP and I’m about 66kg so sounds good to me. Thanks!

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What happens if you finish all ramps of the ramp test?

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Now I’m curious-

So who has the highest rap test result? What kind of number are we looking at?

You have to face the Boss Ramp.


Completed all levels of the ramp test. Too much power!!

To answer your question directly, the highest ramp tests will finish at around 530watts.

It does however depend largely on your weight and cycling experience.

If you’re new to riding and structure training then an FTP of between 2.5-3w/kg is about right.

Your FTP will end up being be ~75% of your highest 1min effort on the ramp.

There is another thread on FTP progress and improvements…check it out.

I’d bet some top out at closer to 600w. There are some big guys out there. Think 6ft 6in+ and over 110kg.

My it’s time to ask @Nate_Pearson for another graph, “The bell curve of ramp tests” :smiley:


I literally laughed out loud when I read the title.

After you do your first one, then you will understand. Have fun!

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I was going to say this. If someone is new to structured training and ‘completes’ their first ramp test, then I would like their full name so I can go down to the bookies and put £50 on them turning pro in the next 2 years.


Only chuck norris has done all ramps!