Is this a bad ramp test?

First time using a power meter instead of virtual power.

Can you define ‘bad’?

Do you not like the result, or do you think you performed it incorrectly?

I assume you’re concerned about the jump at the end?
My last step or two are usually above the intended power slightly… it’s been consistent though, and the FTP hasn’t proven to be too high because of it.

You may want to analyze the data closer on the last step. If it were me, I might see where the peak 1-min power is calculated, and compare vs the remainder of the last step without the big jump (if that makes sense).
See how far the two are off and maybe adjust your FTP based on that.

How the ramp test works? What ftp should I put in. To make sure it will be right? I made a 20 min ftp test. But the result was too high I think.
It is bad If I can’t finish the ramp test?

I don’t understand why you added so much power in the last 20 seconds instead of holding steady to target power like you did for the rest of the test.

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Will the bump at the end inflate my FTP?

I was at max heart rate and couldn’t maintain smooth power.

TR has some magic behind the scenes to handle anything like that which could alter your results. I would trust the value they gave at the completion of the test.

Hard to say without seeing the actual ride - can you post a link to it?

I feel like if you can find the energy for the kind of surge you did in the last few seconds, you can’t have already hit your max…

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You’ll be fine with that test, and you can retest anytime you like with the RAMP protocol - at least I do, although TR prefer it to be every six weeks.

No test is perfect, and the protocol is an estimation of FTP anyway, so a few watts here and there are nothing to worry about.

Are you new here? :wink:



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Hello, can someone please help me interpret my ramp test result? I do not know if I did it properly or cheated. Here are the data:

What makes you think you cheated? It looks like a pretty standard ramp test graph.
Congratulations on an FTP bump.

Thanks! I intentionally didn’t match the target power and waited 'til the last step before I gave it all.

My input:
@chrismilk: you should try to stick to target power, but as you failed soon after your increase, you might not be too far off. Did you stay seated?
@paulignacio you did fine but maybe could have gone for 15 seconds more. I usually give up as I see that I can not hold required watts for 10 seconds. Also you started with much lower FTP which made your test longer, possibly tiring you more before real work started (to get the same FTP as current, you need to fail 19:30 into workout).

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You could’ve opened with that comment! I didn’t realise that you’d deliberately backed off on the power to save yourself for the last interval.

Looking at your numbers shows you were only slightly low on your intervals. A few watts low for all of them (including the final one).

Worst case of cheating I’ve seen in awhile…

Next time try to hold the prescribed power instead of deliberately holding back. Not that it did you any good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Funny when people answer their own questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, you went in with an agenda, but despite your “best effort to cheat”, you probably got a reasonable test result.

Looking at the slightly low power, and your minor attempt (ability) to “hammer the last step”, you got something close. The heart rate is a clean and linear increase, that parallels the power increase. With that, you are probably close.

Take home message:

  • Run the test as prescribed and don’t try to boost your FTP value by cheating the procedure.
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His cheating looks cleaner than my old ramp tests on the fluid trainer. :rofl:


Does this mean that the result I got was okay? By the way, right after the ramp test, I tried a 30 minute sweetspot (Carson) and it felt pretty much like a sweetspot effort. Is that a good indication that my FTP is correct?