Training plan phase reset when increasing volume

I started a low fondo plan in November to train for a century in October of this year. I did low volume to balance heavy lifting and running but increased this week to mid volume to focus on cycling in these last few months. I deleted my low volume plan and started a new training plan this week but just noticed I have a couple base blocks from now through 9/19 then one build block before the event on 10/22.

Should my plan have more build or specialty at this point? Am I starting over with base since I had to start a new plan? Is there anyway to increase volume while factoring my progress for the year?

  • Assuming you allowed / set the start date as of “now”, yes.

  • What you may want to do is redo the plan process and set your start date back to when you actually started your first Low Volume plan. That should yield a better plan layout that matches your actual progression.

Thanks for clearing it up Chad - I knew I had to delete my plan but went back and changed the date and am back on track.


FYI, it’s possible to adjust volume without deleting a plan.

I had read the second article and kept my original events but I missed the part about keeping the season start date. I thought about doing that but ultimately set today as a new start date and noticed after today’s session I had a ton of base on the calendar. I’m glad you told me to back date the new plan since it put me back in build and specialty leading into October.

As a workaround the delete option works fine but calling it delete plan is a bit scary. Would be nice if they had two options to delete scheduled training OR modify plan where you could change the volume or discipline and the calendar would be cleared and recalculated without me having to click delete. But the solution works fine once you get comfortable with it.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

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