Feature Request: Can we view a new plan before we delete the existing one? Please?

This is a request for either viewing a new plan before deleting the old one, OR Plan Builder taking account of what I have already done with an existing Plan builder plan.

I have a 100m TT in around 11 weeks. Back at the beginning of the year I used Plan builder to create a mid volume plan. I was in week 5 of 8 of Sustained Power Build and then into 8 weeks of 40kTT. However, I wanted to get out and do more on the road, building distance, so I wanted to drop from MV to to LV, and add in extra endurance and tempo rides outside, especially to get used to a new positon.

However, when I came to the Plan Builder and started to put in LV, it insisted I delete the existing plan, BEFORE I saw the new one. So I did (hesitantly). However it then gave me Sweet Spot Base, (4 weeks) and short power build (4 weeks) and then 3 weeks of 40k TT.

In other words it has ignored where I am in the existing plan, and seems to have put me back in sweet spot.

I tried to restore the existing plan by selecting MV again, but that still gave me 4 weeks of SS, and then sustained power build.

I must admit I am frustrated. I guess I could have simply swapped the second VO2 sessions for longer outside rides, but it is not that obvious how that would work. Darn.

Advice appreciated.

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Back date the new plan to start on the same day the previous one started.

  • That is possible following this process from the support site, and does not require making a new plan.

Darn, I should have done that :frowning:

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Yes, adding to this recommendation per the support doc:

  • If you already have a training plan added to your TrainerRoad Calendar you will want to delete this training plan before you build your custom training plan. For detailed instructions on how to delete a custom training plan check out this help center article: Delete/Unschedule a TrainerRoad Plan. When you build and add the new plan to your Calendar select the start date of the first training day in your season and not just the most recent training block.

Worth reviewing the full list of related support docs because they cover LOTS of things that most people should know.

Master section for Plan Builder:

And again, a separate section related to back dating to your official season start, not the current date:

OK. Thanks Chad :frowning:

I am sorted, Thanks @mcneese.chad and and TR support :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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SWEET!!! Glad you got what you need and are on track again to tear it up :smiley:

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