What are the steps to take when making large changes to plan builder schedule mid term (18 weeks in)?

I used to plan builder on a medium volume plan to set up my training on the 28th Jan looking to peak somewhere around the end of June.

With the current situation my plans have changed, I am no longer heading to France in June and instead hope to go in September instead.

I want to amend my ‘A’ event to later in the year and adjust my schedule accordingly. I would also like to switch to a high volume plan.

Can I overwrite my future schedule with a new schedule, whilst maintaining the workouts already undertaken?

I tried to amend it using plan builder and setting the start date to 28th Jan but I kept running into minor annoyances such as seeing a whole bunch of ‘skipped’ workouts on my calendar and feeling like I’m jumping into a new high volume schedule 18 weeks in without completing the skipped workouts. Whilst I think I can handle a high volume plan from the start I’m not sure jumping in and skipping 18 weeks is the right thing to do.

How should I proceed?

Go and find the original annotation at the very start of your Plan Builder installed Training Plan.
Open it and use the delete option. It will leave all completed workouts and delete future workouts.

Note: If you modified or shifted individual future workouts, those are often left behind. So scroll through the entire period that was your future training plan and clean up (delete) any extra stuff that remains.

Make any necessary changes to events on the Calendar. Then redo your Plan Builder.

Thanks Chad. When following this approach should I set the start date from now or back date to January?

That’s an option, and maybe worth a test up to the preview stage. But I think you can manipulate the PB to get good results even if you start at the current date. Changing the experience level can lead to more focus on Base, Build or Specialty, so you should be able to get a plan that makes sense considering what you have already completed vs what time you have to fill until the new event date.

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Great, thanks for your help :fist_right::fist_left:

If you also adjust the volume you’ve been doing recently in the plan builder it can change where your current plan starts. I did something similar for different reasons (had missed a big block of 2/3 weeks due to work) and deleted the original plan and then started it from the week that was about to commence.

I thought the start date was locked to what you specified the start date to be?