Two Stage Training Plan... best way to create?

Hi, I’m planning on training for an event next August (Leadville), but I’d quite like to use medium volume for the first four months (as I’m focussing more on weight training) before switching to a high volume plan for the final six months.

Is there any way to do this, or should I just manually handle the first four months and then have the system make me a plan for the remaining time?

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Cool, thanks. Hopefully the stages of the plan line roughly line up with what I was intending.

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Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with completely deleting and adding a new plan anytime things change or you decide you can’t get the right progression via PB.

Just make sure to backdate by setting your start date to the original time you started (not the present time when you nuke and redo PB).

I’ve done it several times over the course of a long-term plan and it works fine. Nothing sacred about starting with PB and feeling locked in, so tweak and nuke as you need. :smiley:


Might as well use this as it’s on topic and I can’t seem to find an answer in another thread…

…is Century not in there as an event type? I know I used a Century plan for my last Leadville and it worked well, but I’m assuming I’m going to have to go with XCM or Grand Fondo as my event type now?

I believe Gran Fondo will get you Century Specialty.

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Another option is to stick with a MV plan throughout but gradually increase the duration of your long rides and / or use Workout Alternates to find longer versions of planned workouts. Lots of options! Best of luck.

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Thanks, it looks like it’s done a mix of both in my plan (Century High Volume / XCM High Volume). That’ll work for me.

Edit 1 - Ugh, the app gives me an error when building my plan.

Sigh, it’s removed all the events I set up. One of which was a 9 day stage race. =/ Going to have to add them all directly to the calendar and then try again.

Edit 2 - Sorted now. Much safer to add in complex stuff that way!