Training plan adjustments

I’m relatively new to Trainer Road. I joined and created a training plan about 3 months ago. I’m now at a point that I want to adjust my plan from “rolling road race” to “climbing road race.”
Do I simply choose “training plan” and start again with the initial questions? Will the new training plan reflect what I’ve done the last 3 months or will all the data simply be historical data?

My concern is that I don’t need to necessarily repeat the build interval as I’m just now going into the power building phase again.
I suppose my question simply boils down to needing to know if I can alter my current training plan with all that I’ve done in the past reflected, or being the base, in the new plan?

It sounds like you used Plan Builder, so you can modify your Specialty block in place:

It’s not clear from the screenshot in the article, but you get a drop-down menu if you click the name of the block:


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Backdate the start of your new Plan Builder to the start date of your old plan - this will take into account the base/build you have already done.

Or you could modify the event type for your A event in your current plan

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