Training Plan / Calendar setup when Time Poor

This is a question I guess across Calendar as well as the Training plans themselves.
Sorry if a bit long winded.

I have enough time for 3 rides per week, 1 large weekend ride generally 150+ TSS.
With two smaller weekday indoor rides, but due to working around kids I’ve found that I only have about 60mins to dedicate to these workouts during the week (as getting up any earlier than 4:45am is a killer) ~50-70 TSS?

I’ve been previously manually selecting workouts in Zwift but I want to switch over to Trainerroad and follow the plans and properly use the Calendar to track things.

So the question I have… Where training plans have 90min workouts that I don’t have time for, is it better to switch to the -1 -2 versions of the workout, or is it better to do the full version but finish early? I notice some of the -1 -2’s lower the intensity as well as shorten the workout which isn’t ideal.

Then onto the calendar, I guess there’s two ways of going about it.
Assuming I need to switch out the planned workouts for lesser ones (knowing I’ll be making up TSS on the weekend) I’m wondering if it’s better just to leave the planned workouts in place or to manually go through and switch them out and to put in the planned weekend ride.

Just do the minus versions of the midweek workouts. I think if you do a low volume ssb all the midweek are 1 hour. If you need to swap just do it on the fly which will let you see if you need/want to add that ‘missing’ TSS back on your weekend ride while letting you do the longer versions on days when you do have the time.

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