Training Plan - mid volume / under 60 minute rides

Hi guys, been using trainer road for a while now but have a question about altering or choosing a plan. I’m training for cyclocross this winter with an eye on next years TT season. That’s not really what my question is about.

I plan to train most days 4/5 days per week plus one outside endurance ride. However the issue I have is that I struggle due to lack of time in the evenings to train for longer than around an hour. Any tips on altering ot selecting a plan/workouts to help out with this? For instance the plans for general build have mostly hour plus workouts.

Any help would be appreicated.



Hi mate
I have a time issue around kids. So I do two a days. Early morning before anyone wakes and a evening ride. I make morning endurance and evening my intensity ride. Or swap it around. It’s not ideal as you get more adaptations doing that 90min or 2hr ride. But you do get some from two a days. If your concentrating on TT then an hour is fine as the 40k TT plan is for you. Has like 4 x12 min sst efforts for example.

Look for intensity workouts in the hour long plans.

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For each of the weekday workouts in your plan you should be able to open the workout description and select from its variations - you’ll almost always find a shorter duration version. And when that doesn’t work you can do a targeted search of the workout catalog for something with similar characteristics as what’s planned (e.g. 1-minute 120% VO2).


I have the same issue. Hard scheduling blockers: childcare and work from 6:30AM-5:00PM and dinner either before or after the kid’s bed time at 6:45-7:15. Trying to not be in Zone 5 an hour before I need to be asleep while also trying to avoid a pre-5:00AM wake-up into fasted HIIT.
Would be nice if TR could cap duration to an hour during the week and make it up on the weekends. My solution to this (and the issue of making time for fun riding) is to do Low Volume and then try for LSD on the weekends.

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Yeah I struggle to do an hour at times mid week and cut them to 45 min versions sometimes. Can generally make up the half hour later in the day once a week with an endurance ride