Reduce current training plan rides to 1 hour or something else? (back to work after 8 weeks remote)

Hi All
I am a teacher and returning to work tomorrow for the first time after spending the last 8 weeks teaching/working from home (Victoria/Australian faculty leader and teacher, wasnt much time ‘off’ over the Easter break). As such I am going back to my annoyingly long commute, meetings after school etc and wont have as much time for training in each day.
I started interval training in February (on another platform) but over the last 8 weeks (with extra time and Trainer Roads great workouts) I have changed from low volume to being half way through Short Power Build Mid Volume and really enjoying it.
Going back to my regular work arrangement and my new found dedication to training I can still make 5 rides a week work but only 3 weekday rides and they can only be 1 hour long (weekend can stay longer). I looked at switching over to the low volume plan but it is generally three 75-90 minute rides a week. It also seems possible that I can go into each individual workout on my current mid volume plan and change all the weekday rides to 1 hour variations (while a little tedious I am completely fine with this).
Just looking for some guidance on what people have done before or is the “standard/recommended procedure” on altering/editing the plans especially because this will become my permanent routine going forward (rather than the exception) @CoachNate, @mcneese.chad, @Jonathan.
Thanks in advance.

Adjust as needed to fit your available time and schedule. This must be done manually for each workout since there is no button or tool to set all workouts to a different duration.

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Thanks Chad for the quick reply, especially on a weekend.

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Happy to. Based on your tags above, you may think I’m someone I’m not. I’m just a regular Chad, forum member and moderator. I’m not a TR employee and not Coach Chad Timmerman, TR’s head coach. He is ‘@ Chad’ (without the space, because I don’t want to tag him unnecessarily).

And TR’s Nate is just “Nate”, not the ‘CoachNate’ you tagged.


Haha, oops. From my reading over the last couple of weeks on here I had seen your name a lot and made an assumption (what’s that line about assume, makes ‘ass’ out of ‘me’)
Thank again for the help :slight_smile:

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I am not @ worthy but what you suggest is what I basically do. Once you have the workouts you like you can copy/paste them pretty easily in the calendar and in a few clicks you’ll be set.

If you have a particular sequence you like, so the Tuesday workout next week will be harder than the Tuesday workout this week, you can do that as well but it takes more effort. I usually just just use the same workouts for everything that is a non-key workout, and then change the key workouts as needed.

So Glassy -2 is always my Monday workout but my Tues/Thurs will vary and my weekend workouts are usually just repeated as well.

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