Replace 1:30h workout with two 1h workouts, split over two consecutive days

This is my second week using TrainerRoad (TR) and I’m quite pleased. I’m still figuring out the best way to use the “adaptive training” feature. So, here’s my question:

Is it possible to replace a 1:30h workout with two 1h workouts, split over two consecutive days?

From Monday to Thursday, I have a 1-hour slot available for a workout. However, TR keeps suggesting a 1.5-hour workout. Thus far, I’ve replaced it with a 1-hour workout from the suggested alternatives. I could potentially add a second 1-hour workout the following day.

I’m unsure if manually adapting the plan is the best approach, or if I should attempt to follow TR’s suggestions more closely.

Do you have another day where you have a 90 minute time slot available?

If so you could swap them in your calendar.

I do, during the weekend, but it’s dedicated to my weekly group ride.

I’d prefer to make use of those 1h slots I have from Monday to Tuesday.

If you use plan builder you can set times for the days available. However, on occasion there isn’t an appropriate alternate (according to TR support when I’ve run into this issue) so it may go for one outside of the selected time. On those occasions I’ve done my own swap.

I do still sometimes do back to back hard workouts (because, life), but now with RL/GL, that generally then gives me a yellow day.


Hey there and welcome to the TR community! :smiley: Glad to hear you’re enjoying things so far.

You can certainly change the duration of those 1h30m workouts to 1h! As @Macy said, you can adjust those workout durations in your current plan – the following article goes over the instructions:

You could also use Workout Alternates to find workouts that are shorter/longer for a given day’s session.

Hope this helps! Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.