Training plan question (possible new user)

How adjustable are the training plans? I have a rather tight schedule with 60-75min available during the week and 90-120 at the most on Saturdays available to me. Is there a way to keep the volume in this range and just work the intensity?

My goals are mainly based around 1k, 3k and 10k. Longest TT I have any interest in is 20mi so mother really long in duration.

Thank you in advance for any help. Been looking at the various options for then my indoor setup arrives next week.

The plans are pretty flexible. A lot of the workouts have variations so you can choose a -1 or -2 variation if you are short on time (you have to check each workout “family” as the naming isn’t consistent - some have the same effort but squeezed into a shorter period others omit an interval or two). You can also swap out a workout for another from the library but with so many it can be a bit overwhelming in terms of choice - use the filters to, err, filter things down.

Once you’ve been round the block a time or two I think most modify the plans in some way. You get to know what’s equivalent or a suitable substitute.

If there is one thing that nobody could possibly complain about, then it is the customizability of TR.
You can select which days should be long/short/hard/easy beforehand, you can drag workouts around on the fly or substitute workouts for longer/shorter/harder/easier rides.
Moreover, most plans don’t exceed workouts longer then 120min (even less so on a regular basis)

Good to hear! Thanks for the information. Will go to the referral thread and ask once the bike is set up and give it a go.