Training between long races that are two weeks apart (4+ hour races)

First let me say that I expect the answer is TrainNow but was wondering if there was anything specific to do.

I setup a training plan based on the first race and that was yesterday. It went great, thanks to my first few months of structured training with TR and I was fortunate enough to have no mechanical or fueling issues. This week is a recovery week and then my plan ends. I have another race with a lot of climbing in two weeks. So, what should I do on the weekend between, and then should I basically do the same taper-ish week before the event with shorter rides with intensity?

It’s pretty safe way to replay the last two weeks of your tapering program for the first race. Just take a look a bit how your recovery goes after this race you just had (don’t try to force it).

If you have done nice progressive program towards the first race, good base, build, maybe kinda flat/negative progression special period + taper, your peak condition should carry nice to your next race.

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What’s the priority of the event in 2 weeks? That’ll influence what you do the week going into it. Low priority, then you don’t need to be super fresh for it, higher priority you’ll want to be fresh etc.

I’m mostly interested in working hard and enjoying it at this point, so it’s not necessarily an A race but I do want to be fairly rested as it is a gravel race with a fair amount of climbing.

How did you recover from your last race? How are you feeling now?

Personally, I’d error on the side of under-doing it than doing too much. There is nothing you can do in regards to training adaptions that will help you for this event within 2 weeks. My focus would be entirely on recovery, rest and maintenance.