Extending specialty?

Hey all,
Im starting my last week of specialty, going into a 3 event stage race this coming weekend ( 2/13-2/14 ). This is the A event ive been training for since November with SS base MV, GB MV, then RRR.

However, the 2 following weekends after the stage race had spontaneous events show up that I would also like to compete in ( a 68 mile gravel/ road race and a 107 mile road race ). These of course arnt A events, but as with any event, i would like to compete and try to place well. So my question regarding training is this:

How do I adjust training after the stage race? Would I just copy the taper week for the next 2 weeks and hope to hold a “peak” of sorts through the next two events? Just do endurance work, let the body recover and prepare to start a new block after the 2 races? Maybe another option im not looking at?

Thanks in advance, i hope that makes sense and y’all can give me some feedback.

No, do not continue taper you will loose too much fitness. Do some recovery rides. Once legs feel better 3-4 days, stick in a couple of sweetspot rides, i use Abbey… its 1hr and the intervals are nice and short, get fueling well and recover from the stage race. Get a massage planned too. (Not a deep sports massage this will cause more damage)
That should take care of the 1st week after stage event. Then Do some more sweetspot to maintain fitness 3 days only and then take a couple of recovery days into the two spontaneous events.

Then put a recovery week in then start your next base plan.

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