Planned recovery week is the same before race

maybe it’s a silly question but this situation has never happened to me.

generally, the week before a race, I taper and then reduce by 50% to 75%, depending on the type of race, the workouts on the calendar.

I have the race next Sunday, the 24th, and the particularity, the reason for my question and my doubts, is that the next week is the recovery one, in the middle of the Build plan ( Sustained Power Build).

so the question is : have to do the recovery week normally? tapering the recovery seems to have no sense.
or, better, I choose other (normal) workouts and do tapering on these in order to have, however, a high intensity the week of the race?

I apologize for my English: hope to have explained my doubt

Hey there!

That’s a great question! What I would do is just stick to the recovery week so that you don’t throw off the rest of your training in the following weeks. What you could do is add in an opener workout such as Truuli -2 the day before your event so that you have a bit of an opener workout. You can check out this workout here:

I hope this helps!


so you mean to do the normal workout programmed by the plan on tuesday 19, Pettit, and to modify the workout on thursday 21 from planned Collins to Truuli-2.
and this becomes my week before the race, isn’t it?

is not too light? generally, when I’m in another week of the plan and have a race on Sunday, I do the same workouts reduced to 50-75%, then with higher IF.

also considers an important thing that I have not said before (sorry): the race is the first of the year and is only a first test (type C)

*edit: ok, I didn’t understand at the first reading … you mean to do the recovery week normally and just add Truuli-2 on saturday?
if yes then ok, I always make a bland outdoor ride ,with some “recall”, the day before the race but again it’s not too light?

That is exactly correct!

I kind of assumed this and this is why I recommended you keep your week as close to the prescribed recovery week. This will ensure that you go into the last half of the build phase fresh. If you feel you need more “openers” you can check out the final week in whatever specialty phase is similar to your race and choose from those workouts (the final workout in each specialty plan is a taper week).

As for a recon ride, that is totally okay! Just keeping it easy and not getting out there and hammering the whole time is key. If you want to do some outdoor opener intervals, that is okay as well. :slight_smile:

Perfect, all clear.
Probably are subtleties but as you well said, since this race is only a test, I prefer to give importance to the continuation of the plan rather than to the race itself.
thank you

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