Long race 1 week before another race

So I just added a 125mile gravel race to my calendar exactly 7 days before what was my A race. Obviously, the original race no longer be my A race (I will not be taking it easy in the gravel race), so I switched the gravel race to an A and the original race to a B in PlanBuilder.

But I still want to perform as well as possible in that climbing road race. Two years ago, I did the same race two years ago 7 days after a 1700 TSS week in Europe with disastrous results. Outside of what PlanBuilder recommends, does anybody have advice on how to handle the week between? Obviously lots of recovery and rest. I think I want to do an opener. Any intensity?

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.
No alcohol
Have a nutrition plan in place after your first race. First three hours. Work out the carbs and protein you’re gonna take down and the schedule you’re going to take it on. After the race roll to your car, open the cooler, start the nutrition.
Hydrate after your race without delay.
The more you can eat during the first race the better your recovery is going to be.

Stay off the bike day one.
40 minute recovery day two.
Super short threshold day three. I mean…like 6 or 8 minutes a couple times. Make up your mind before this workout that it’s not going to feel good. Ignore how it feels. You’re going to be great race day.
Off the bike day four.
40 minute recovery day five
Openers day 6

Just some shoot-from-the-hip thoughts. Mostly, nothing you do in that week is going to make you much better during the 2nd race. But you can do a lot in the week that will make you worse during the 2nd race. So it’s better to err on the side of doing less.


Thanks for the incredibly detailed response. Sounds like a great plan. This will be my blueprint.

Yes, you’ll definitely want to tone down the TSS at least to 1690 or maybe 1680.

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Lots of foam roller or a massage if you can early in the week, clear the crap out of the muscles and get them recovering better.

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I think you’ll be fine. A one day race (even a hard one) isn’t the same accumulates fatigue as the week you describe last time. Different beast.

Your training focus in between probably shouldn’t even really be “training” at all, just recovery and readiness. Reasonable blueprint in that regard was provided above.

TLDR is you’ll be fine, enjoy yourself :slight_smile:

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No. There’s literally nothing aside from negative effects that intensity will get you at this point. You’ve done the work. The #1 goal is to be as recovered as possible from the 125 mi race

Here’s a peek at my calendar showing the 2 weeks prior to my first race this season. I have a training camp 2 weeks out from race day which will include a long steady ride (5hr) and then some race-specificity. I will be focused on recovering from that the following week. As you can see the week of and the week before my race are very easy.

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