Strange TSS Periodization on Full IM Plan

Hey guys, currently about 6 weeks into TrainerRoad Full Ironman Plan (mid volume). I have a question about the TSS periodization. Below is a photo of the upcoming weeks of training through my event in Sept.
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 9.19.48 AM

Why does it not consistently build with set recovery weeks? This is was the case for the past six weeks too. I can see that swim TSS is not included in predictions, but right now I can’t swim anyways. I also understand that all TSS is not made equal. Is that what is going on here or is something wrong with plan builder?


The ramp rate is steady and CTL going up so not sure what the concern is. The “why” behind it is the alternating program of rides and runs, mixing race intensity efforts with longer aerobic efforts week to week. The TSS of those efforts is different, but the CTL growth is in line with what you’d expect.