Plan builder won’t build my plan

Hope you are all safe and well in your respective parts of the world.
I have been on TR for over 15 months now. Current FTP just over 300W at 75kg.

I currently have no events planned, the style of riding I enjoy are longer endurance events. 100-200km style. With a lot of solo 50km steady rides. So constant power, not big accelerations.

I can train 6-7days per week. However only 1hr per session( for the next 3 months)

I can’t find any plans that fit these restraints.
I can’t get plan builder to restrict session duration?

Should I be continuing on with the pre built plans and dropping all the rides down to the 1hr versions? Which maintains the periodisation, but results in fairy low TSS.

The other option is the maintenance phase plans, the time crunch 45 has 5HIT rides/week. So I could increase these all to 1hr, and add in recovery rides on the off days. These plans aren’t periodised. It is 8weeks of a constant TSS,.

Any thoughts on how I am best structuring the following 3 months?

Thank you.

Maybe hit a mid-volume, and adjust the workouts down to the 1h version (or alternatives targetting the same systems)
That should give you plenty of TSS, keep the plan periodisation and allow you eventually to scale up if you feel the need to?


I’m in a relatively similar position.

I can train 4-5 days a week, but only really 1hr at a time.

I go for a Low Volume plan, adjust the >1hr rides down to the 1hr versions and then add a workout like beech, pettit, or one of the baxter variations which I set to repeat once a week for the duration of the plan.


I’d say either dropping MV down to 1 hr workouts or doing LV and lowering the weekend workout to 1 hr and then adding endurance/tempo days between would both be good options.


I will put the programs in and have a look how they look. I’m currently doing a MV century plan created by plan builder, I have found dropping the workouts down to 1hr has made for a week which is to easy.

Possibly to the low volume and then adding in my own workouts might bring the stress up to a better level.

Seems to be a shortfall of the plan builder that workout time restraints can be inputted.