TrainerRoad Full Distance Triathlon Plan

Hi guys, hope everyone is keeping well.

My name is in the hat for Ironman Barcelona this year, it will be my first full distance event, so looking forward to it. I’m planning on training for the event as if I would anyway, without really knowing if it’ll be going ahead or not.

I was thinking about using the full distance plan from June 1st up until race day and wondered if anyone has any feedback on it, or had any advice on things to look out for?

I have used TrainerRoad for cycling plans in the past, but not for triathlon. I can’t actually swim either at the moment, so I’d just be following the plan for running/cycling as it stands.

Any insight in to any of this would be great.

Keep smashing it!


Some quick thoughts as I am sure others will chime in… I’ve only used TR for the 70.3 plans. I have completed 5XIM with Don Finks “IronFit” advanced plans and 2x70.3 with TR MV plans. My life changed with work, school and family to reduce my full distance plans for a few more years. Currently 47 y/o with a 10:27 PB at IM CDA in 2011. Currently training for IM Washington MV 70.3 and now St George 70.3 in May 2021 (deferred from IM CDA 2020).

I have three key focuses: Consistency, managing fatigue, managing injury

Positives of the TR Tri Plans:

  • Structured bike work outs indoors and outdoors
  • Calendar
  • Weekly TSS (if you fill out the TSS for the swims)
  • I grew up a swimmer - I like TR swim workouts


  • The run workouts as prescribed have too much intensity for me - Don Fink didn’t have me doing any intense running until very late into the specialty phase. (running is by far my weakness/cause of injuries)

I like the plans with a key caveat that I modify the run intensity to focus on more moderate intensity. An RPE of 9 on a Wednesday run several weeks in row tips me over. By toning those down allows me to manage my consistency (shattered running legs leads to shattered bike workouts and too much fatigue), and helps me avoid the running injuries as much as possible.



For your first IM, I would increase run volume and decrease intensity from what is in the TR plans. Also don’t think the TR plans have enough swim volume, but a lot of people have had a lot of success with them.

My near term forays into IM training will use the cycling portions of TR’s plan since much of my bike work will be done indoors, but I will design my own run and swim for what suits me best.

As a general idea, the plan should suffice to bring you to the finish line. Personally I did okay in even less swim volume and more run intensity, but as you see from the above that’s very individual. I guess the best advice I can give you is to monitor your progress very closely and evaluate how you respond to the plan and don’t be afraid to make adjustments accordingly. The folks in the IM training thread here are always amazing and happy to discuss these issues.

One thing I’d say is that for the low volume version I’d recommend replacing a few spielend rides with longer outdoor sessions. No doubt the fitness aspect is covered with the TR plan, but to make sure your position and nutrition is on point you may want to do a couple of 4hr+ rides.

Maybe repost here?

Im also down for Barcelona as are a few others on this thread

Thanks all. Agree on the fact that I will definitely be reducing swim volume (when I can actually swim, I have made the decision to swim twice a week max) and shift more time into running - I come from a running background so I am familiar with how to train and manage fatigue/injury in that department. As TG333 has aforementioned I am spending most of my time on the turbo in the bars at the moment and plan to get the TT out on the road for a few 4+ hr weekend rides from mid July.

And thanks, Joe. I’ll take a look at that thread.

The main reason I am looking to use an ‘off-the-shelf’ plan is to give me some tried and tested structure and have the confidence knowing I’ve done some pretty good prep going into race day (whenever that may be…)