Back to base after winter build!?


I’m targeting later season races next year (IM Wales and IM Portugal) both in September.

Nearly finished sustained power build MV having done ssb1 and ssb2 before that. Ftp is up at 283 from 260.

Will returning to ssb1 reduce my fitness due to a lack of VO2 work. I’ve tried the tri plans which plan builder suggests but just prefer shorter, sharper training than the full distance plans encourage.

Hoping to repeat ssb1, ssb2 and spb again before specializing for final 10 weeks up to IM Wales.

Any advice or experience very welcome :+1:

I doubt returning to SSB1 will diminish your fitness. Maybe a tiny bit of the higher abilities but nothing you won’t easily get back when you hit build again. In fact, I’ve cycled through base 1, 2 build then base 1 again, as you mentioned, with a lot of success and increase in fitness, even higher power ability. BTW, I heavily modify specialized as it’s too many and too much hard efforts and puts me into overreaching.

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Maybe have some interim early season races to aim for early season to put your fitness to good use - maybe an Olympic tri in May/June and a half IM in July as build up races - or join the CTT and do some longer 50m/100m time trials as part of your training. Also 2 IM races in a month is going to sting a bit! :grinning:

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If you handled the volume increase in sustained build then SSBI might be a petty large drop in TSS. But it is the exact type of fitness you want for a steady effort like an Ironman with the sweet spot and muscular endurance efforts. Also, remember that even though the TSS will drop you will be doing it with a higher FTP so you will be doing more work than the first time you went through it.

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Drop of TSS isn’t the end of the world. I was in the exact same boat when I first joined TR a month ago. I was averaging 500-600 TSS per week riding 8-10 hours. I stopped that and went into TR SSBI mid volume with just a 3 day break. My ramp test was exactly what I was capable of doing outside right before I switched to TR.

Now in this plan I’m down to 300 or so TSS riding 5-6 hours per week. I doubt I’ll see a drop in my FTP though. Sure, I can’t perform as well in VO2Max areas or a 3 hours race but that’s something you can build up to very fast.

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Awesome replies, thank you. I’ll go ahead and repeat ssb1&2 and spb. Great to have some experience and reassurance, especially when considering a drop in tss.

Two IM in a month isn’t ideal I know… booked Wales and then girlfriend fancied Portugal 3 weeks after so figured I’d join her… it worked for Cam Wurf this year so why not :joy: