Training camps, TSS, and energy systems

Hi there,

I have some extra time in the next week and I am planning on a little at-home training camp. I’ve set this up using plan builder and a high volume sweet spot base program. My typical TSS is around 250 and the plan builder has me at 360 with basically SS and Endurance rides. This is early season for me with an A race in September but there is a crit series in the summer whose dates have not been set yet, so will probably have a target somewhere in there.

My humble questions:

  1. Is the TSS increase “enough”? I know things vary from person to person, but it seems like some training camps are 2-3x TSS so not sure if I should aim higher (and likely will get more naturally due to some longer rides I want to do outside)

  2. Should I have other energy systems rather than SS targeted? Plan builder has me all in SS or endurance. E.g. should I throw in a VO2 max or threshold workout?

  3. I know recovery is super important with this - is one week of low volume endurance good for that or should I be completely off the bike?

Very excited to try this out. I also got the Feed Zone Portables book by Thomas and Lim and am looking forward to experimenting with some of delicious recipes in there :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advice.