SSB MV Plan added workouts

I’m currently doing SSB MV II. I want to add a workout on fridays, do I add another 1 hour sweet spot session or is 4 SS sessions in a row to much? Maybe move one sweet spot to wednesday and do a endurace ride friday?

I do Bays on Fridays to add more volume.

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I would start by adding an easier ride first, to see if your body can handle the extra stress. I don’t know how far you are in SSB II, but SSB II is substantially harder than SSB I. So as Jonathan likes to say:

err on the side of caution


For sure. I kinda forgot that part. I’ve been doing SSB MV I with Bays twice a week(wednesdays and fridays) but SSB MV II is a bit tougher for sure.

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I’ve been having 16-20 hour weeks with all the SSB MV I sweet spot workouts done outside. I must admit I was feeling really fatigued, as I’m a beginner cyclist.
So volume will drop to 6-7 hours inside, but be more effective I guess. Many of the hours outside the outside workouts are zone1-2 easy miles.

I added bays today, seems good, other endurance workouts like pettit bore me to death :slight_smile:

Bays is pretty good but it’s also more taxing than a “normal” endurance-ride. But I like it. I really do not enjoy the long steady rides. I like having something changing up. Like Baxter is a lot easier than Boarstone for me psychologically.


I added Bays as well for the same purpose. Not quite as boring and not overly taxing.

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Echoing other comments here, I’d add an endurance ride on Friday before a sweet spot session. Ssbmv2 is a little misleading because it’s not really just sweet spot. If I’m remembering it right, only Sunday is a true sweet spot workout. Tuesday is vo2, Wednesday is endurance, Thursday is threshold, Saturday is threshold/over unders, and Sunday is long sweet spot. Adding in another true sweet spot session might be too much intensity.

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Agreed, need one easy day a week at least. Depending on how much time you have there are some great easy workouts. Perkins -1 is a favorite if i have 2 hours to burn, for less time I stick to Carter, Pettit, Bald Knob, Beech, etc.

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For Friday’s I do petit-1 or an hour with hr below 120.
I follow mv ssb. I also get every other Friday off and on those days I ride outside with no intervals for 3 hours.

This is based on working with a coach last year. Those workouts can add up to a lot even if it’s technically easy but compound that week over week it’s a lot of stress.

But if your legs aren’t feeling heavy you do you but I don’t think you need anymore more sweet spot or tempo.

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