Sweet Spot Base Mid Volume -1 ride

Here is my delima… I want to train 4 days per week and then do my local outdoor group ride on Saturday’s.

I am in week 2 of SSB MV1 and realized that there is really only one 2hr sweet spot zone ride on the plan per week for the whole plan. The other rides are vo2 60min, endurance 60min, threshold 60min and threshold 90min.

So the question is does it make sense to replace that 2 hour SS ride from the plan with my 2 hour unstructured group ride or should I do that ride and swap out one of the threshold rides?

Thoughts? Recommendations? @chad @Nate_Pearson @Jonathan feature request for plan builder… Alow you to set how many day’s per week you want to train and then have it build the plan accordingly.

I think the sweetspot ride is generally the one to swap out alright. How intensive is your unstructured ride though? If it’s 2 hours in Z2 you might want to extend it to 3-4 hours to get a similar benefit to 2hr of sweetspot.

The other factor is how will you handle intensity. If you find 3 days of intensity (1xVO2, 2xThres) too much then consider swapping out one of the threshold sessions. You might need to get further into the plan to figure this out though - it can take a few weeks to hit you.

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Thanks yeah this is right along the lines of what I thought was the correct approach… My group rides are currently fairly intense with different groups depending on how hard you want to go. Also I guess one edit from my original post, I am in week 2 of SSB MV2, this is my first go at structured training and started first 6 weeks on SSB LV1, then moved to MV for SSB 2.

Feeling really good so far!

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