Long outdoor ride SSBMV2

Currently working through SSBMV2 and looking to get outdoors at least once a week for training purposes. Mostly because the times I do find myself riding outdoors I struggle with pacing myself and my bike handling could certainly improve, for example wobbling around when trying to get my water bottle. I have the time to do the medium volume plan if not more so I am wondering if removing the Sunday sweet spot workout for a long outdoor ride would be detrimental to my training progression. I am aware in the week tips it says you can sub the ride for an endurance ride but that is also suggesting it be done on a trainer and it only shows that for week 1 and not the other weeks which also have sweet spot rides on Sunday. What do you guys think? My ultimate goal is to raise my FTP but I am also training to do a century so I feel like I need to get used to riding more than 2 hours max on a trainer.

TL;DR If I replaced the sweet spot workout for the week with a long endurance ride how would that affect my over all training progression? Could it possibly be better to replace the mid-week low intensity ride of 1 hour with something longer outside and then keep the sweet spot ride on Sunday?

You can replace the Sunday rides with outdoor Z2 rides, no problem.

If you want to be maximally compliant, follow the week’s instructions for substituting a long, slow ride. For example, in Week 4, sub Tallac +3 to Town Hill. Then click that ride over to an Outdoor workout.

In practice, I’d recommend doing what’s occasionally mentioned in the weekly text – aim to ride ~Z2 and accumulate the same TSS as prescribed.

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