Sweet Spot Base 2

I’m about to move from the sweetspot base 1 to the sweetspot base 2 plan. There’s usually 2 V02 max type sessions in there. I do a fast group ride on Saturday with some V02 efforts in. Is that going to be too much V02 max (that would be 3 sessions a week) or should I swap one of the mid week V02 max sessions in the plan? Sweetspot 1 with a hard group ride on a Saturday has worked out great.


If your weekend group ride is truly hard, I’d sub that in for the Saturday ride in the plan.


Continue with that in SSB2.

And what should I put in it’s place?

Which volume level? Both SSII Low and Mid usually have only 1 VO2 max workout most weeks. Other days are mixes of over-unders, threshold, sweet spot (maybe some of them have brief anaerobic sprints sprinkled in, but I wouldn’t label them VO2 workouts on the whole).

I’m not sure what you mean. I would put the weekend group ride in place of the Saturday ride in the plan. As dbf mentioned, the Saturday ride in the plan is usually some variant of threshold (often over/unders) which to me would fit pretty well with struggling to hang onto a group ride that is a little bit of a stretch for me.

It’s the mid volume ss2 plan. Yes, I guess I’m mixing up the short sprints with V02 max workouts. Whichever though, these rides do tend to be quite a lot of stress. The group ride has a lot of 1 min max efforts in it. It’s a pretty full on ride! I was concerned that it could end up being too much intensity in the base phase.

I would think that as long as you objectively measure the TSS of the group rides - making sure it doesn’t blow up your weekly plan and put you in too deep a hole - then you should be good. The Sunday planned sweet spot rides should be a good indicator too.

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I’m just about to start my SSB2. SSB1 has worked great for me so far. On SSB2 there is one ride a week where you spend time over threshold which is on a Tuesday for me. My group ride on Saturdays usually see’s me spending about 20 minutes at V02 max. If I just sub in this ride for the prescribed TR ride then I’ll be doubling up my time per week at V02 max. Isn’t that going to be too much intensity?

If that’s really a concern, just swap the workouts around if time allows it. The day you do a workout isn’t really set in stone. Especially in one week. I wouldn’t swap a week 5 ride with a week 2 ride because the plan does build up to that stress. But within a week it doesn’t really matter if you do the VO2 training on a weekday or in the weekend (during a group ride).

Oh yes, of course, I’ll swap my Saturday ride for my Tuesday one. Sorted, thanks!