Skip Ramp Test?

Hello. I am new to TR. I am planning to start SSB 1 low level this coming week. My first planned workout is the ramp test. I was playing around with TR just now and decided to take the ramp test. My result seem pretty much where I thought I was so my question is: can I skip the ramp test that starts the SSB plan (scheduled for Tuesday) and if so, what should I sub in for it?


Start the plan a day or two early or take a couple of rest days and then start the first workout.
Some, myself included, usually do a ramp test followed by another workout to make it worthwhile being on the bike and there’s a thread about those.
Or I believe there are maintenance workouts in the library and you could do one of those say, but why not just jump into the first scheduled session knowing you’re ahead of the game.
Enjoy. :joy:

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Yes, you can “skip” the ramp test at the beginning of the plan since you just took one and the results are in line with where you think they should be. Similarly, as you work your way through SSB, if the workouts become too easy, you can insert a ramp test as needed - just be smart about your rest and recovery going into it as well as the potential impacts on follow on workouts.

In general the TR plans use periodization and progressions. Periodization being 3 or 6 or 8 weeks on followed by a recovery week. Progression being similar workouts getting harder week after week (i.e. more time in zone, higher intensity, etc). You have as much flexibility as you want to move workouts around, but be conscious to maintain the progression and periodization as best as possible. The plans are not so rigid that you have to do every workout, exactly as it shows up in the plan, on the exact day it is scheduled - just be wary of deviating too far from the recommendation.

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I would see what the workout is for Tuesday week 2 and try something similar – perhaps a minus variation?

Thanks for all the replies!