Ramp test between SSBv2 and Build Plan

Hello all, looking for some training insight from the more experienced TR users.

I am new to cycling, only started in February but I am a long time runner so came in with pretty good aerobic fitness.

I am nearing the end of my SSB v2 low volume plan. Do these Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. I complement this by running 10k on Tuesday and Thursdays. I typically have a family/rest day on Saturday and sneak in an outdoor ride weather and wife permitting on Sunday.

As it turns out, after a little moving workouts around, thanks to the Calendar I find myself with a week on holiday interstate. Wish I could, but I have been told the bike isn’t coming but plan to do at least three to five runs during that week. Then start my ‘Build’ plan when I return seven days later.

My question is, how much ‘cycling’ conditioning do you think I will loose in seven days when I complete another ramp test? Is taking a week off ok?

From my experience you will not loose much of the earned cycling fitness.
With sweetSpotting you mainly enhance your muscular endurance and with running you are near this area aswell or even slightly above it.
During the build phase this would certainly make an impact, but in the “foundation phase” I also exchanged a run for an indoor training and found no impact on the cycling.

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My experience is you wont lose anything significant in a week but I would do something else to wake the body up a day or two before the ramp test or it’s going to suck!


Personally I’ve had plenty of “down weeks” during my training this year, all low volume based plans too. I’m quite sporadic in my training too. Anyways, I often find I feel like I come back even stronger after a week off. I feel rejuvenated and powerful, no loss of cycle fitness.

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