Adjusting my plan SSB1 LV and ramp test in SSB2 LV

I have now managed to get to the end of my SSB1. It took me 10weeks because of illness but now I should start SSB2 LV next Tuesday.
I just did second to last workout on and on Sunday I was supposed to do Brasstown and next Tuesday ramp test to start SSB2.

Now it looks like I might not be able to do my ride next Tuesday so I was thinking I would do ramp test this Sunday and do Pettit -1 after that. Then skip Tuesday and start Thursday-Friday as planned.

But if plans change and I will have time in Tuesday what workout would you recommend to do when ramp test has been done on Sunday already.

So I would change from:

Friday: Bald knob
Sunday: Brasstown
Tuesday: Ramp test
Thursday: Ebbetts

Friday: Bald knob
Sunday: Ramp test + Pettit -1
Tuesday: Rest? What workout?
Thursday: Ebbetts

How does changing the ramp test date and altering the workout sound to you? Any suggestions?

First off, when sunday comes around do a “systems check”. If you feel fine on Saturday and Sunday morning and ready to hit it hard , then all good! Go Ramp! :slight_smile: If not, you might need a little more recovery.

But lets say you do the Ramp test on Sunday. If you look at the SSBLV2 plan, you’ll see that the Tuesday workouts are VO2Max while Thursdays and Weekends are Threshold or Sweet Spot.

So adding in a VO2Max on the Tuesday after you Ramp Test is my suggestion as this follows the structure of the plan. The TSS steadily increases throughout the plans, so to follow that principle I would aim for something around 65.

Some suggestions, depending on how you feel that day:

So you mean more recovery from previous weeks?
Because otherwise on next Tuesday ramp test I would have same amount of rest after Sundays 90min workout.

Yes, rest from SSB1 in general. Not just last workout. Fatigue will accumulate throughout the training block, which needs to be reset.

On the other hand, in my experience SSB1LV was less stressful than SSB2LV. So I think you will be ready to Ramp Test on Sunday, but recovery is individual and other things in life can affect that as well (poor sleep, traveling, alcohol etc. )

I think I’ll try to do the ramp test on Sunday. Just have to rest well tomorrow and hope to be fresh on sunday.