Ramp test just after being sick? What to do?

Hi guys.

I got sick during recovery week and was sick all the way until the Monday before a ramp test (which, as you know, are scheduled for Tuesdays). I think if I take the test I’ll fail miserably given that my body just recovered from sickness. What would you suggest to do? Shall I only push the ramp test one or two days? Or shall I just train this week endurance/sweetspot (to fully recover) and push the ramp test a whole week (that is, take the ramp test until next Tuesday). I’m doing the mid-volume SSB1 and I was about to start mid-volume SSB2.

Thanks for any comment and recommendations.

I would skip the ramp test and have a couple of easy rides assuming you feel up to it and monitor how you feel before hitting the harder intervals. You could start SSB2 next week assuming you’re 100% fit by then.


Take some time to really recover. Ramp is not as demanding in some ways, but not to be taken lightly either.

This post and the referenced info at the bottom are worth review. Not to mention last weeks podcast.

TL;DR Better safe and resting than sorry and sick.


Thanks for the comments, Dave and Chad! That blog post was pretty useful. I guess I’ll push the ramp test one week and just train at moderate intensity this week!


It is an assessment YOU CAN’T FAIL IT!!!

After using TR for a while now and getting sick. I’d recommend that you consider your rest week a loss. Do another rest week. Do your FTP Assessment AKA ‘Ramp Test’ next week.

We are in the fall/winter anyway. You shouldn’t be in a rush to get anywhere. I contended that waiting another week to assess will get you a more accurate result. Thereby ensuring your next block of training is more fruitful. So, by losing one week, you ensure that you spend your next 4-6 week cycle usefully.

Now, maybe if you feel really good on the weekend you can do your ramp test then. Lets say Saturday. Then you can start getting after your next block with a few extra workouts.