Delayed Ramp Test

I’m due to end SSBHV1 on Sunday but then have a disrupted week due to travelling for Christmas so I had planned to basically repeat the final week of the plan (minus a few days when I won’t be able to train) and then do the Ramp Test.

So currently my final workout is 22nd Dec and next Ramp Test scheduled for 29th Dec and I have endurance rides scheduled for 23, 24, 27, 28.
However, I could skip my ride on 22nd (have accumulated enough TSS for this week already) and do the Ramp Test on 23rd.

Would delaying the test until 29th lead to a worse result due to too much of an ease off in fitness?


You’ll be more rested and probably do better with the delay.

Also, by doing the ramp test right before you start the next stage of the plan, you can rest assured that you’ve gotten the correctly set FTP for the block. So I’d say hold off. Also, don’t think of your results better or worse, rather you want the ‘right’ result. Then you can know you’ll have better progression through the plan.


Should have gone with my instinct and done it earlier. Felt sluggish and detrained, legs probably had it but heart and lungs certainly didn’t.