Already done my Ramp Test - workout to start SSB1?

I’ve recently joined TR and did the Ramp Test before starting my plan as I felt fresh and motivated (proved to be a good idea too as I am really happy with my result!).

I am starting SSBLV1 this week, and need a workout to do in place of the Ramp Test. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking using TrainNow and choosing either a Climbing or an Attacking workout. I imagine an Attacking workout would be a suitable choice given the Ramp Test is an intense workout, but I’m interested to see what others have done or would recommend. Cheers.

Geiger is a good one

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I’d go TrainNow but a climbing workout, seeing as you’re going into SSB. It will make very little difference either way in the grand scheme of things :slight_smile:


What I normally do when starting a new plan, and not wanting to do the ramp test, is to simply use the next weeks Tuesday workout (assuming the ramp test is on Tuesday).

Cheers @Bones, I Hadn’t actually thought of doing this. Next Tuesday’s workout is Tallac -4, so I might do Tallac -5 this week to keep the plan progressive.


Yep, that makes sense to keep the progression in-line. Enjoy!

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