Seven and Nine Day Week Option for Training Plans (Feature Request)

Suggestion / request for a new feature:

When subscribing to a new plan and configuring the options prior to adding it to your calendar, how about an extra option that allows users to select whether they want to run the plan over a seven day week or a nine day week?

For example, a seven day week is the current, standard option (Monday to Sunday). A nine day week would increase the number of rest days and extend the seven day week to nine days: week 1 would be Monday to the following Tuesday; week 2 Wednesday to the following Thursday; week 3 Friday to the following Saturday; and so on. Joe Friel talks about this in more detail in his excellent book Fast After 50.

The option to select a nine day week would be of benefit to older users who might need more recovery time, those with physically-demanding jobs who may need to factor in more recovery time between work and training, and time-crunched users amongst others. It would also increase the likelihood of such users finishing all the workouts in a plan rather than having to skip some.

I know that users can currently move workouts about in the calendar to suit their individual needs but it’s a bit of a pain moving all the workouts in a six or eight plan individually. Much better if this could be done automatically at the start and then leave users to tweak things as required.

Any thoughts @Nate_Pearson?


I agree. I use a 9 day week. Currently I load up the plan and then start shifting workouts to do this manually. It’s PIA


Yes, i have thoughts on this, but I can’t say anything about it right now. :no_mouth:


And I always thought that Hitchcock was the master of suspense.

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Teasers abound in here. I have numerous comments just like this one, bookmarked and they are interesting when considered together.

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Part of me is hoping this turns in to an argument about how many days are in a week. A la

It starts on comment #6


This was an issue for me with a 24 hour day. I’ve since added 2 hours to my day. It is hard to get the watch makers, my employer and essentially anyone else to agree with me but this is the path I’ve chosen. Very liberating having 2 extra hours a day, totally worth it. :+1:


I don’t mind keeping training organized by week, my approach is either:

  • go with lower volume (e.g. low vol plan instead of mid vol) and add workouts based on feeling
  • insert a recovery week after two hard weeks, park my ego and get some additional low aerobic work done to continue maintaining/developing base fitness

:rofl: back to the future! :crazy_face:

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Yes I dropped To low volume and added in a 4th SS workout on the last 3 weeks of the base plan and on the first few weeks did a 4th workout but it was a Z2 workout. Helped me without feeling to cooked by the last week which is hard. When i did the MV plan last year I was cooked by week 5. I failed 1 workout and almost failed a second in the last week. I was 39 at the time so I am definitely following the thread for any future announcements. :face_with_monocle:

Oh my goodness that bodybuilding forum is hilarious! Who says steroids are harmless!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy: