Calendar Feature Request - Adapting plans

Sorry if this has already been mentioned, I did a search but couldn’t fit something similar.

I like the idea of the calendar and in particular, moving the workout days around. What would be an amazing extension of this is the ability to “+1” a days workout. I would guess some athletes would also want to -1 too.

For example with the SS base plans; I tend to only train on the turbo on Tuesday and Thursdays so the low volume plan would, in theory, fit best. However, I have longer than the 60 minutes to train so for these days I want to select the workouts from the SS base high volume plan. Alternatively, perhaps it could just auto select the + versions of the same workout?

I guess I could do this manually but it would be a great way to customise the training plans that TR provide to make them more personal and bespoke for an individuals needs. Would anyone else appreciate this sort of flexability or is it just me?

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They’ve mentioned that they have a plan for people that want to do plans as a progression rather then a schedule. No talk of when.