Why everything seems in weeks?

How come TR, Strava and others always rely on the 7 day workweek as basis for calculations. I do realize that i can add and subtract manually but it is 2019 so i am forgetting that skill fast.

Since i work on shifts i find it much easier to structure my training in 10 day blocks instead of the classic 7.

Any thoughts?

Because most people use a 7 day training cycle since most of our lives use a 7 day week.

I tried to setup a 10 day training period but could not map my mind around it. There has been other discussion here about different length weeks. Perhaps a feature request?

One existing request with a similar idea (9-day week):

I’d say that because for all but a very, very minute percentage of the population, even cycling population, training will always be, at best, a very distant second in terms of scheduling priority. Work, family, etc, run on 7 day schedules. So unless one is retired with no connections, or is a well paid pro living in a foreign country…7 day schedule would make more sense.

I’d say a rolling seven days is a good way to go for monitoring training stress. There are other sites and products out there that do this, Training Peaks, WKO and Xert for example. My shifts rotate over a six week period so I find using these sites much better for planning training than a fixed Monday-Sunday calender.