Extending “weeks” to 10 days

Sure I’m missing this in my searches but is there a way to tell the plan builder I want to do 10 day “weeks” or do I need to do that manually.

Between 3 gym workouts, a ride or 2, plus trainer, plus work time gets short for recovery and downtime. I’m on my feet 8-10 hours a day so recovery at work doesn’t happen.

Also if that needs to be done manually I’m guessing I should do the math and calculate out my end date to be a few weeks before I actually plan to end it so when I extend everything for 10 days it matches up?

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IIRC, “unusual weeks” is one of the things Nate talked about doing in the future in one of the podcasts this year. Don’t quote me though.

Another vote for that here, I do shift work in the ED so a monday to sunday week isn’t normal for me. I always have to move around my workouts to fit my roster


Pretty sure I remember Dr Hutch talking about his failed attempt to decimalise his training days and it becoming incredibly complex having his Tuesday on everyone else’s Friday etc

Couldn’t you just mix up how many times you do each kind of workout each week? Sorry if I’m missing something, but I just mix it up week to week

Polarised low volume sort of does that, 1 hard ride either VO2MAX or threshold and 2 easy rides