Scheduling strength training before ramp test

I’m at the end of a recovery week between SSBLV1 and build, with a ramp test coming up on Tuesday. I have a ride scheduled for today, but I think I’ll skip it as I extended my previous two rides and have already reached the target target TSS for the week.

I’m also doing a fairly high volume 4-day strength training program, and have a heavy leg workout to do before Tuesday. It was originally scheduled for Monday, but I’m wondering whether in terms of recovery for the ramp test, would it be better for me to do my lifting today?

That would mean I get a full day of pure rest immediately before the ramp test, but on the other hand, the DOMS could be worse at +2 days than +1 days after the workout?

What do you think?

Only you will know how well your legs go a couple of days after a heavy leg workout. I’d imagine it will have a detrimental effect on your FTP result.

Also questionable is doing high volume strength training in a recovery week.

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Both good points. I’d considered adding in a deload week for lifting to align with the cycling recovery week, but I’ve just started a new program and was feeling enthusiastic. Also with no current opportunity for group rides etc., I’m prioritising strength training slightly over cycling.

I could potentially shuffle the ramp test to Wednesday if I don’t feel up to it. Though, I usually find my DOMS disappears after 5 mins of riding - I completed Mary Austin -1 and Leconte this year (failed both last year) with pretty bad DOMS going into them.

Perhaps the hard strength training has improved my muscular endurance (psychological ability to endure pain, at least).

Completely understand feeling enthusiastic!

Personally I’d reschedule to Wednesday and swap the aerobic ride from Wednesday for Tuesday to assess how I’m feeling. If you suffer a big drop in the test you’ll know its likely due to being tired so you could also repeat it the following week when you’re more rested.

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I’d push the lifting if you want optimal ramp test. I need a solid 3 days between if I really want to be at 100%

It depends…but id probably lift last on Friday if testing on Sunday or Monday

Why can’t you lift right after the ramp test?

Why even bother with the ramp test?

Just stick to your current FTP.

My suggestion would be to lift today and do a short easy ride on Monday to see how you feel. If good, do the ramp test as scheduled. You should always carry some fatigue into ramp test for a better measure of everyday fitness.

Because my FTP has increased.

This is a good point. I want a realistic result for FTP that is achievable under current (and future) conditions.

Thanks for all the advice and support! I lifted on Sunday, then did the ramp test today. Felt great, dug deep and got an 11% gain in FTP :grin:

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