Rest day or light training before ramp test?

Just finished SSBMV2. Ramp test due on Tuesday for Sustained Power Build MV. Had family matters on Saturday, so did not do Andrews, but did complete Boarstone yesterday.

Can I do a training today? Or would that mess up my ramp test tomorrow?

If you did something light like Pettit it wouldn’t mess up the test and I certainly wouldn’t have 2 days off before the test as you will feel flat, but if you did Boarstone yesterday I would have the day off - 2hrs at 70% ish FTP isn’t a killer but there will be some fatigue so I would chill out :grinning:

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For me, an easy Z1-2 ride would be fine to do the day before but anything above that intensity may sap some of your freshness for the ramp test. The goal of the rest week is to recover completely. I wouldn’t try to make up the full missed weekend workout on Monday but would consider doing pettit or pettit-1 or something close… or just push the ramp test to Monday if you are feeling good enough.

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