Poor recovery week - what to do next?

Hi everyone. I think this will be a simple question to answer with all of the collective experience here! I’m new to both TrainerRoad, and also cycling in general, so any help greatly appreciated!

I’ve got a ramp test at the end of SS base 2, as part of the large volume training plan, on Monday (day after tomorrow - I’m in the UK!) and I’ve read that SS base 2 is potentially where a lot of FTP gains are made…!

I’ve had a very poor recovery week where I’ve missed most of the workouts. I have one day (tomorrow - Sunday) where I know I can get a workout in.

My question is - how is it best to prepare for my ramp test please? :slight_smile:

If it helps, here’s some extra info. My week, Monday to Saturday;

Rest, brasstown (1:30), beech (1:00), rest, rest, rest

(please don’t judge me! Haha)

With one day left to workout, before the ramp test, which workout do you think can help prepare me most for the test please? I’m unsure whether to load myself up with lots of TSS, or would be more beneficial to do another style of workout?!

I’ve put lots of hours in for SS base 2, and I want to represent these through my Ramp Test as best as possible!

Also apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I couldn’t find specific information to my enquiry, although I also struggle to enjoy the podcasts because I only ever get to read in my spare time, not listen. My wife wouldn’t appreciate me listening when she’s trying to watch the TV! So, again, apologies if I’ve missed this!!

Thanks everyone!

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Do the scheduled workout, get some good rest and do your ramp test. If you get a discouraging result you could test again later, that’s the beauty of the ramp test it doesn’t take days to recover from. Remember the whole point is just to set training zones.


You should re-title this post to ‘Above average recovery week - what to do next?’ lol. I’d just do a day or two to shake out the cobwebs and make sure you don’t feel stale, then hit the ramp test. A lot of people do recovery weeks too hard, so erring on the side of more recovery isn’t a horrible thing.

This week was a recovery week for me and did 3 rides that didn’t go above 50% FTP and 2 rides that didn’t go above 60% and feel amazing (I ride every day.). That is lower intensity that TR rest weeks and I am surprised to not feel stale given the almost complete lack of intensity. This has got me wondering if TR rest weeks were actually too intense for me. Training is partially a real-time experiment to figure out what works for you.


That’s a brilliant response, and thanks for taking the time!

That’s great. I guess after training for such a length of time at ‘pretty much every night’ I’ve almost got an anxiety (might be the wrong word) apprehension, at missing a few work outs.

As usual, I just need to not over-think!

Thanks guys, really enjoying the programme, and perusing the forums for opinions and information too.