Retest Mid Block

Hi folks I’m sure this has been asked before but I’m curious about how much recovery is best to have before a ramp test, and if it’s a disaster to do it mid block if you’re feeling strong.

A little extra context for anyone interested-
I’m new to cycling and structured training. First ramp test FTP was at 222 and 72kg. I stuck with the full SSB LV1 block, but had added a lower intensity week in the middle because I didnt come into the block fresh. As well as the LV plan I usually do 2-3 outdoor rides per week at endurance and tempo. Had the prescribed Z2 week at the end and then retested for SSBLV2. Weirdly, despite feeling much stronger and massively improving my outside rides (speed and RPE) i tested about 10 watts lower (but 3kgs lighter). Pretty bummed… But I know FTP isnt everything.

Anyway, jumped back into SSB2 LV, after pushing it back so that I could do the festive500 outdoors. The last couple of workouts I’ve found myself pushing the intensity up towards the end. I’m wondering if I should try and retest so that I can be sure the VO2 and SS intervals in the block arent set too low, or if I should just trust the system and wait a few more weeks for the end of the block.


If you took the 10 watt reduction and set the FTP at 212W, you are now feeling the fact your FTP was probably still 222 approximately. Hence the workout now feel easy to complete and hence you are up-ing the intensity to get the work out that you want.

You can do the Ramp test at any point mid cycle, do after a rest day and you can still do a sweetspot workout after the ramp test to get a longer workout.

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Thanks for that. I actually just ignored the reduction and kept things at 222. I could complete the 90 minute over under workouts in block one so I figured it must have been a weird anomaly on the day… Maybe that’s just pride taking over…

Re-testing midblock is usually not a good idea. Typically the plan is progressive and assumes progress. So if you re-test be prepared to lower intensity a little in the following workouts, because the workout is built for FTP at beginning of block + 1-3%.

In your Case i would suggest you set your account to public and let us habe a look at your history. Especially if the tests were not done in erg mode there is a chance one of the Tests was off.


Thanks, yeh I was thinking that. I’ve made my profile public if you want to have a look.

Looking at you plan I would suggest you give it another week. Bluebell and Mary Austin will tell you where you stand. This weeks Taylor-2 where you upped intensity is one of the easier workouts. If you can up intensity at the end of Mary Austin your FTP might be a little low. Since you are on low volume you could probably squeeze in an by FTP test workout impacting the rest of your training.

Cheers mate

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