Can I ramp test on Monday, after a weekend of endurance rides?

My ramp test to kick off Short Power Build is scheduled for Tuesday after completing this week of recovery in SSB2. Monday I’m off work and want to know how it would affect me to do the ramp test on Monday without taking a complete rest day? I will have completed Andrews on Saturday and Boarstone on Sunday, 1.5 and 2 hour endurance rides respectively. Thoughts?!

You’ll prob be fine as long as they weren’t 4-6 hour, exhaustive aerobic rides.

Edit: just saw which rides, you’ll be fine, go smash it


Unless you feel really tired/sore on Monday you should be fine, the nice thing with the ramp test is that you only have a few minutes of really hard work compared to the 8 or 20 minute tests. As long as you dont go super hard the day before your results should be indicative of your FTP just as much as if you take a rest day.

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@stevemz and @Torinhowe that’s what I’ll do then! I also wasn’t completely sure I would be able to stay off the bike Monday anyway since I’m off work and have freedom!