Extended "Rest" Week = bad?

I just wrapped up base build I mid volume and am supposed to start base build II today with a new ramp test. I rested well, ate good, even got a massage and cryotherapy over the weekend, so overall I feel great and the legs feel springy.

However, this week is going to be killer for me in regards to work. Mad rush to get a project out and I’m planning on 2-3 long nights at least. Because of this, I’m thinking of postponing my base build II start to next week. I’ll throw in unstructured outside rides this week when I can, making sure I keep my fatigue low.

Should I expect to lose some fitness during this time? Should I do my ramp test today while at peak fitness or wait til next Tuesday?

Am I overthinking this and asking stupid questions?

Yeah I don’t think it should make that big of a difference. Depending on your workload, sleep, etc. maybe throw in an easier sweet spot workout earlier in the week and maybe a short opener type workout this weekend before your ramp test next week. After 1 week you may start to feel a little sluggish if you only do z2 the whole time. So I would very lightly mix in some intensity as your fatigue and recovery allow.

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Seems like a reasonable plan. You won’t lose much, of anything, in a week if you get on for a couple of maintenance rides. Kudos to you for being this objective with your training! Seriously hard to do.

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If you’re throwing in two maintenance rides, I wouldn’t worry :+1: Even if it turns out you have no time for them I wouldn’t worry in anycase :+1: :+1:

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Thanks everyone! I’ll extend my rest week and try to get some rides in when I can (z2 and some sweet spot earlier in the week).

Now to get tf off TrainerRoad and back to work! :roll_eyes: