How rested should I be for ramp test?

So I had my rest week and a race on Sunday (240 tss and 0.94 IF) so pretty hard. Is a days rest enough rest to have accurate ramp test, should I swap the Wednesday lower intensity with the ramp test or should I take a very easy day and then ramp it up?
Thnx guys!

I did a race last Sunday (142TSS, 0.88IF incl. warmup) and then the ramp-test for the first time in TR Tuesday. Noticed a 3W down from previous test which I did early December. But I raised FTP by two watts and so far it feels like I can up even more but starting general build I’ll await the next round. Especially since I’ll be racing this Sunday again.

So to answer your question, I’d probably rest 2 days in your situation.

FYI: I’m normally at ~500-550TSS/week.

Well the good news is that 240 TSS means that your ride was about 2 hours 42 minutes at that 0.94 IF. Which very strongly suggests to me that it wasn’t 0.94 intensity and you’re about to see a decent bump in your FTP…

I’ve just started the rest week of SSB2 (last big session was yesterday) but I’ll probably do my ramp test on Thursday rather than next week, as I have a hard club ride planned for Saturday. So will be getting 3 days of rest and easy riding. I’d also be interested to know if that’s enough time for the training adaptations of the past 5 weeks to kick in.


I think @martinheadon have a point when i comes to the 0.94 IF. You’ve probably increased youre FTP. Good for you! :slight_smile:

My initial thoughts on your strategy is YES. An underperformed ramp test always sucks, and a swap is an easy fix. The risk of being too fatigued is reduced, and the cost in fitness is negligible IMO.

This also depends on how mutch TSS a “normal week” is for you. I assume you are on the Mid or High plan since you are talking about Wednesday workouts.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you can replicate it for your next lot of testing or you’ll skew your numbers.

Personally, I’d take it easy for a few days and then test, similar to a recovery week.


Right, I’m going to hijack this thread with a similar question. This season do weights at the gym on Mon/Tue/Fri and follow a mid volume Base/Build/Spec progression. I just finished SSB2MV and my Sunday workout in the recovery week felt great, I think I’m pretty much rested and ready to do the test on Tuesday.

Now the big question - do I skip the gym today to maximize my test, or do I go to the gym, do the usual routine and do the ramp test tomorrow with some residential fatigue from the gym. My reasoning is that I will have to do workouts in the same state (day after gym session), so don’t wan’t to set myself for failure by testing on super fresh legs while all the workouts in future will be done in less than optimal state. What do you gals and guys think?

I’d suggest an extra day. It’s only going to help you and it’s not going to hurt you in any way in this situation.