Recovery Weeks in half distance Triathlon Plan

Hey there,

I am new to TR and I really like the concept.

I am on a Half Distance Triathlon Plan with Low volume.
From other training plans I usually had a recovery week every 4-6 weeks. However I am not able to find the recovery in the half distance tri plan. Every week has at least a sweet spot or sprint training scheduled.

So I was wondering if I missed something or if this is intentionally?



The half distance LV plan as it shows up for me has week 4 as a recovery week; keeping some intensity for recovery weeks isn’t unheard of…

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Thanks for the fast answer!

It’s just that I had expected to see a drop in TSS in those recovery weeks… (and being in the fourth week I had to significantly reduce the TSS to recover)

The run and swim volume is reduced. The bike actually jumps up about 40 TSS in the recovery week, which makes no logical sense to me. It’s the same pattern for the Low Vol Base, Low Vol Build and Low Vol Specialty Half Distance plans. I would love to have TR staff explain the reasoning behind that.

@IvyAudrain, any chance you know why the the bike part of the tri plans jumps up during recovery weeks? If you don’t, can you find out?


@IvyAudrain @Scheherazade @ThomasCologne

I looked more at the tri plans and it is definitely a pattern. I would really be interested in the reasoning for a bump up in cycling load during a recovery week. The running/swimming load does decrease in the recovery weeks.

Low Build Wk6 = + approx. 65 TSS in recovery week
Mid Build Wk6 = + 10 TSS in recovery week

Low Base Wk8 = + 50 TSS in recovery week
Low Build Wk4 = + 45 TSS in recovery week
Low Build Wk8 = + 15 TSS in recovery week
Low Specialty Wk4 = + 35 TSS in recovery week

Low Base Wk4 = + 30 TSS in recovery week
Low Base Wk8 = + 30 TSS in recovery week
Low Base Wk12 = + 150 TSS in recovery week
Low Build Wk4 = + 70 TSS in recovery week
Low Build Wk8 = + 80 TSS in recovery week
Low Specialty Wk4 = + 10 TSS in recovery week

Thanks for bringing up your concerns, all! The team is looking into it now and making adjustments accordingly. :sunglasses:


Hi @IvyAudrain
Thanks for your response. Really appreciate that you take the time to look into this.

Could you explain a bit more on the adjustments?
Should I apply manual adjustments to my plan or should I wait for further feedback?


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Thank you very much for looking into this! If this is how they were planned, that’s fine. I was mostly looking for an understanding of the training methodology. I would also like to know if I need to delete my season and re-apply my plan after adjustments have been made. Thanks for being so responsive, you are awesome!

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The original reasoning was:
On recovery weeks, we drop the run and swim volume substantially on the weekends and incorporate a tempo bike workout to give you a chance to work on transitioning between all 3 disciplines.

I’ll provide an update when we make changes, and let you know if you need to delete/re-apply new plan to see those changes, or if they take place automatically. Cheers!


Hi @IvyAudrain,

Iowas Browsing through the Full distance plan. Could you check the following too:

It is an Example, the pattern repeats in other weeks/plans)

Plan: Full Distance Tri, Low Volume, Week 12 (Recovery)

The desciption for Saturday says:

Brasstown (or Dans if racing tomorrow) Enjoy a relatively short, lower-intensity ride today during your final week of base training. If, on the other hand, you’re taking part in a C-priority practice race tomorrow, just log a really easy half hour on the bike and call it a day.

However the Plan suggest 3hr/120TSS

The description makes sense to me with regards to Recovery week, but the selected workout seems really high effort?
Or do I misunderstand it?

Thanks again for your responsiveness.

Thanks for bringing that up, I’ll make sure the team looks into all of the tri plan recovery weeks. :metal:

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This thread has got me thinking, so I reviewed my half distance plan builder adaptive training plan. Here’s another one (I just submitted it to support and I know it is very far into the future and will likely get adapted). The weeks shown are 3 and 4 of low volume half distance specialty. Not sure I want to try to squeeze in a 2 hour 45 minute tempo ride before work :grimacing:


Hello @IvyAudrain ,

Adidas you have a chance to speak to the team?


Hi, Thomas.

The aforementioned advice still applies: I’ll provide an update here when we make those changes, and also let you all know if you need to delete/re-apply a new plan to see those changes, or if they take place automatically. :+1:


Update, all!

The team has made updates for Tri plans to address this!
Athletes will need to delete and re-apply their plans in order for the changes to take effect.



Thanks for the Update Ivy and Team!

Can you share what changes have been applied?

Would be interesting to understand what is different now.


We reduced that weekend workout on the rest week, reducing the overall TSS as well so it feels more like an actual rest!


Hi Ivy,

unfortunately I do not see the changes. The weekend is still unchanged (Ericsson and Pioneer) and the TSS is still going up in the recovery week.

Week 1: 184
Week 2: 193
Week3: 198
Recovery: 215 :thinking:

There may be a reason, I just want to understand these plans …



Did you delete and re-apply your plan?

If you did that and you’re still not seeing changes, please contact

@IvyAudrain I deleted and re-applied mine and my rest week looks identical to @ThomasCologne